Select ADU Publications:

ADUs in California: A Revolution in Progress

A comprehensive overview of California Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) permitting and building trends, barriers to development, best practices to promote ADU production, and the emergence of efforts to promote other types of small-scale multi-unit housing. Includes findings from a survey of California jurisdictions, interviews with key stakeholders, and data on the location of ADU permits and completions.

October 2020
Authors: Karen Chapple, Audrey Lieberworth, Dori Ganetsos, Eric Valchuis, Andrew Kwang & Rachel Schten

Reaching California's ADU Potential: Progress to Date and the Need for ADU Finance

In collaboration with the Terner Center for Housing Innovation

The Terner Center for Housing Innovation and Center for Community Innovation’s joint analysis of the increase in ADUs throughout California and the need for increased financing options for low- and moderate-income homeowners.

August 2020
Authors: Karen Chapple, David Garcia, Eric Valchuis & Julian Tucker

The ADU Scorecard: Grading ADU Ordinances in California

Our assessment of over 200 local ADU ordinances both for consistency with 2018 California State legislation and user-friendliness of the jurisdiction’s ADU programs for homeowners.

Interim Report – February 2020
Authors: Karen Chapple, Audrey Lieberworth, Eric Hernandez, Dori Ganetsos, Alejo Alvarado & Josie Morgan